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Micro Basil

Micro Basil are loved by chefs — they are just so flavourful! Similar to shiso, it's a delicate microgreen, but they add immense flavours to your favourite dishes — pasta, sandwich, curry, you name it!
Micro Basil contains high level of polyphenols that improve your gut microbiome and general health by reducing oxidation and inflammation.


No purchase cancellation after order confimation.

Micro Basil 羅勒苗

  • Shelf life: 1-2 weeks, depends on plant;

    Watering: 30ml per day;

    Keep it under light at day time if possible.

  • The lead time for Micro Basil: 2 weeks

    To ensure the quality of the plant, a lead time ranging from 1-2 weeks is needed.

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