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Pea Shoots

Pea shoot is one of the most popular microgreens given its insane shelf-life and unique shape. They are rich in all kinds of Vitamins and antioxidants like beta-carotene. Compounded with its fibrous nature, they are a great addition to your weight-loss diet.
Pea shoots can be eaten fresh, stir-fryed, steamed, or any way you can think of! Reduce cooking time to retain the most nutritions, and for a fresher taste.


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Micro Peas 豆苗

  • Shelf life: 1-2 weeks, depends on plant;
    Watering: 30ml per day;
    Keep it under light at day time if possible.

  • The lead time for Micro Peas: 1 week
    To ensure the quality of the plant, a lead time ranging from 1-2 weeks is needed.

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